Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kudo with Love

 I love my Mother so much and I admire her strength, courage and view of life, I’m so proud of her achievements and victories. Today I feel I need to give kudos to her for a major thing in her life. My mom is a great artist but for the longest time she held herself back and thought that her art was good but not amazingly great, until last year when she decided to pick up a brush again and paint. And she looked at things differently and just decided on doing something new and learned a new way of seeing the canvas and just painted for fun.
 Over the summer my Mom made a painting that was part of a class she was teaching in her home and in thinking nothing of it other than she really liked the painting donated it to a local charity auction. The people from the auction loved the painting so much the event made it their poster for the event and the painting was so popular that at auction it sold for over 1,000 dollars. This is the most by far that one of my mother’s pieces has ever sold for and she was only painting for fun when she made it.
I do say this if you enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy then happiness will follow.

Mom I love you, your one of my greatest heroes, you’re the one who inspires me to fly.
As I live my life a life into Zoe.
Till next time TTYL, Zoe


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