Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Re-Introduction of Myself and my Blog

Let me Re-introduce myself to my readers
My names is Zoe Tipsword ,
And have been in transition since September of 2009 and have been full time since January 10th 2011. I am a true blue Arizona native, and I love it here. Sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy living in an oven of a city but hey I got my quirks LOL and Phoenix is a great place to live, especially if you’re a member of the TLGB Community. I am a nerdy, geeky but loving Transgender Woman and a proud paternal mother of two great little boys Zachary & Ryan who I miss dearly due to them living with their maternal mother and my time with them is limited for the time being. I love great movies and all types of music and a lover of the arts. I am a bit of a foodie and love to experience new and great things and I am always reaching to expand my horizons.
 I am in a great loving relationship with my beloved Goth Girl Sophia Farren who I met on a the transgender support and social website We have recently announced our engagement to be handfasted (married) in September of 2012 in a unique and wonderful ceremony, in which I am currently planning with my best friend Mary as well as Sophia and her BFF Jerica. I dopray that one day our union will be a legal one and who knows it’s possible that our wedding could be official as well.
 I recently started school last fall at Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics and I'm currently studying to be an Esthetician/Laser Technician and my goals are to use my schooling and new found career to give back and contribute to the LGB and transgender communities by performing spa and skin services that only another Transwoman would be trusted with.

 I’m also a budding mentor to men and women just starting their transitioning and helping them find the resources they need to find their way through the quagmire that is transition. I’m a actionist not a activist, I believe that being in action in your community and making a difference is key and not fighting with words but being involved in the change and working with both sides to make a difference. I am a mixed bag and love it and I’m happy to be who I am with my complicated life as Zoe ;)
TTYL ~ Zoe


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