Monday, January 2, 2012

Life into Zoe 2011 in Review

Hello everyone,
 I must say 2011 was defiantly a wild ride and had many ups and downs.

  I started the year with my official announcement of my engagement to my beloved goth girl Sophia and letting the world know how much we care for each other and setting a date for Sept. 2012 and later changing it to our current date of 12/21/2012 the winter solstice and now I’m in the midst of planning the wedding.  I also took a trip to see Sophia’s friends and family and spent two weeks traveling with my beloved and seeing a part of the states that I only saw from the highway as a trucker.

  Next on 1/10/2011 was my two year date on hormones and my first day of living full time as my true self and leaving my shell for the last time and shortly after filing my name and gender change in the state of Arizona and was officially Zoe and officially a woman in the eyes of the government and all this was in a matter of a few months of the New Year. I feel more myself more than ever now I think of myself as a woman and no longer as someone trying to become one. I found my voice and my ability to pass in public and my freedom, I found ME. I also found myself as a mother as well and my place with my boys.

 Sadly it was also the time I was no longer allowed to see my kids at all and I retaliated by legal help and filing for divorce from Chanel and starting the battle to get my boys back into my life. The court case was dragged out for most of the year till we saw the judge in September and having the judgment on thanksgiving declaring me a unfit parent because I’m transgender and only allowed to see my boys every other week supervise, but the good part is I get to see my boys regularly and that I have a very large law firm footing the bill for a appeals case against the bigoted judgment and have a good chance to have it overturned.

 I also grew into my new found profession as an aesthetician as I learned more and more in school and started working in the school student spa and taking real clients. I am now just about to finish school and get my license to practice. I love what I do so much and it really was a great choice for me and I know I’ll be successful. I did change my direction in school and I think it’s for the best as I started out wanting to learn Laser Tech and be a Aesthetician second but as I grew and learned my passions changed and I found my calling as a alternative medicine healer and I plan on pursuing that path with my aesthetics and adding more education in related fields.

 2011 was also the year I found who was my family and friends and the love and acceptance I received from them and from some just the opposite. My brother was in a life threatening accident but recovered incredibly and during that time was also when he acknowledged me as his kid sister and many of my other siblings fallowed suit around that time too. My mother as well had a great battle and beat an extreme case of breast cancer and I’m happy that both my brother and my mom are so damn stubborn to not give up and I think the grim reaper is afraid of them LOL. My mom has received me very well and the changes in my life and has accepted her daughter in her life and even has passed down some of her jewelry to me, sadly I feel a talk of grief and loss coming from her and I know it has to happen soon as she misses her son and I can understand only a little of what that means but in all I feel it will be healthy.

 All in all I feel that in 2011 I’ve grown as an individual, a woman, a mother and a partner. I think that 2012 has a lot in store for me and those around me and I know it’s going to be an adventure. I don’t see surgeries in this next year but I do see myself getting in better health and weight. I see a glorious wedding and a great party with it and the next chapter with my Beloved Sophia.  I see new careers starting and great new tales to tell for my next review next year.

Till next time, 
as I live my life my Life As Zoe.

OXOXOXOX and Happy New Year.


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