Thursday, March 29, 2012

Big Sister

Hello Everyone,
 The last few weeks have really changed me, and the views I’ve had for a while. I started a new chapter in my transition and it’s been eye opening. I stated in my last few blogs that I was getting close to done with the TG community and well something happened to help change my mind. I always have believed in the “Powers That Be” in the cosmic sense and well they kind of thumped me on the head and reminded me why I’m involved.
 What happed was I met someone that was just like I was two and a half years ago, all lost without a guide or any knowledge on how to transition or where to start and no friends to tell her secret too. He (although someday she) started to reach out and in that found me. I began my common process of getting to know someone that I would help along and then it just clicked and I was not only this new transwomans mentor but a big sister and guide. My feelings about mentoring were renewed and healed after being hurt by so many b4 and my considered failures in the ones I should of know I could have not helped. I took this girl under my wing and started to help her; I found her a therapist, had her make a safe online profile to make friends, and have just been a sister to her. I even today helped by being at her side at her first visit to her new therapist.
 What happened next was also interesting, another new trans-woman and a much more difficult case contacted me and I also began to help her online since distance hindered our working together in person. I helped attain goals and also got to see a therapist. I’m currently just being there for her as she deals with a difficult mother and a crumbling situation and offering whatever advice I can give. I am hoping by the end of summer that she’ll take my advice and move to Phoenix AZ so that I can help her even more.
 I’m finding that my place in the universe when it comes to the transgender community is that I’m not in any shape or form a advocate or a politician, I’m woman enough to admit I just don’t have the interest or the stones to do so, so don’t ask me to be a part of the cause. My place is to be a mentor and a big sister to the newborns of the community and help them on their paths and maybe make a few friends along the way. I can help everyone and I’ve learned that now and I will turn out a person I can’t help and send them to whom they need to see for their own transformation. I’m no longer the new girl and I have a responsibility as a big sister and I need to help my newborn brothers and sisters in the ways that I can.
I have to say I love this role I have chosen.
I leave you with that and as a big sister,


Sarah Wilson said...

As those who came before us held out a hand to us, so we must also hold out a hand for those who will follow. When I started blogging it was with the intent and purpose to leave tree markings on the path for those yet to travel this way. I still maintain this. To be able to pay forward the gift is indeed a most wonderful blessing.


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