Monday, April 18, 2011

The Beat Go's On....

It’s been a few weeks since my last update on my life and what’s going on in the world around me. In so I have been very busy as of late looking for work and going to job interviews and going to school and trying to have a bit of a social life that things got behind on my blogging. Job hunting has gone well as   I’ve had quite a few interviews and I hope that soon that something will come out of my hard work. As for school I’m just about wrapping things up in my body treatment class and having a final this up coming week and WOW was it a fun class and I’ve defiantly found out that this is the career for me.
  I’ve discovered in class on how important that a transgender woman is going through all this training and what I can contribute to the masses of the transgender community with my skills. I’ve learned that many of the treatments I’ve learned that only I would be trusted enough by a trans-person to perform these treatments. I mean who else would be more qualified to perform body waxings, and laser treatments than another transgender person. I myself would be most comfortable with a transperson performing a Brazilian waxing or laser for preparation for GRS surgery or just that swim suit I’ve been wanting. I think that this was my calling and a calling for the better good for my community and I hope to continue and learn new things as I move forward so that I can help even more.  
This brings me to status on my own transition as you’ve all been fallowing I’ve been transitioning since September of 2009 and been on hormones since January of 2010 and been full time and legally Zoe since January of this year. Let’s just say things are going really well and I’ve hit a few surprises in the past few months and now I’m dealing with the outcomes of those revelations.
 First off shortly after a boost in my hormone treatment and a change in prescriptions, my body has started to really develop and I’m almost a B cup now and I’m truly feeling female with all the physical and mental changes.  I also received  a bit of wakeup call and also a bit of a scare, as my sexual attraction to men had increased to a point that I was questioning if I was still attracted to women and I feared for my relationship with Sophia.  But after a few weeks dealing with this and a few uncensored programs on T.V., I found with relief that my attraction to women had not diminished and truly confirming that I’m bi-sexual, and with relief my relationship is safe in this matter.
 This brings me to my next revelation as I said in previous posts that surgery was a non-issue, but as of late especially since my visit to see Jerica in recovery from her own SRS surgery, my interest in the subject has been renewed. I have been researching on possible ways of accomplishing this and with vigor as I really feel I need to get this over with so I can live my life fully as a woman. I’ve begun a donation pot here in my blog for those willing to help and I have decided to pursue a local surgeon and purchase my own medical insurance to cover most of the cost. I see myself as a woman now except this one detail and honestly it’s a big one and one I feel I can’t ignore. I’m in a relationship with someone and not having surgery is conflicting with our ability to be intimate with each other and it’s very frustrating for both of us, so in my case it’s a very important detail that must be addressed. As for doing things locally I’ve contacted Dr. Meltzer a surgeon in Scottsdale AZ about the details need to be covered and what the surgery would entail and as soon as I can get things together I’ll get the ball rolling and I am hoping to have surgery next spring and be healed in time for the wedding. I will also see if my mom can be there with me as she did agree to go over sea with me if I went, I’m glad for her health that I’ll be doing things locally. Hell maybe she can get a time share for that time so that we all can be close to the medical facility in Scottsdale. I am also in a great need to lose weight now as I need to be a acceptable weight to have the surgery and be safe, I thing with this in front of me I can really get the job done.
Life in all is going well now as my divorce with Chanel is in the works and I’ve received notice of the custody hearings of my children is in June and I will be so happy that this will be over soon so that I can move onto living my life and enjoying time with my kids and family without pressures from my ex-wife.  I look forward to graduating and getting my license latter this year and so much to do till the end of the year but it’s my life.
A life into Zoe. XOXOXOXO


Anonymous said...

Zoe, I really like reading about your progress. It helps to inspire me when I'm feeling doubtful about mine.

Unknown said...

thank *^_^*

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