Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mercury Rising

 I've made a major decision about living here in Phoenix and about planning for my future and I've decided that once we can get a bit of stability that we are going to move to Flagstaff. I base this choice on the fact that quite honestly this city is killing us health wise and emotionally do to frustration over the heat and our ability to function in it and our decline in health because of it.
  Over the past 3-4 years my tolerance to heat has been tested and to be honest it’s not been good. I’ve suffered from minor heatstroke’s several times and also bouts of heat exhaustion as well. My tolerance in dwindling and honestly I don’t know how much more I have in me.  This is on top of what Sophia is going through as quite honestly she has no heat index and I fear for her health and well being in the hot summers of the low deserts of Arizona and I would do anything to keep her safe. The next big thing is just being able to function and improve our health, both I and Sophia are out door types and long for the ability to go outside and just enjoy nature and exercise but in a big city it’s nearly impossible and with the summer heat, it is impossible.
 The biggest issue at hand is my school and income, I think I can handle school by staying in Phoenix with a friend for the days that I attend class and for employment well I need to find work in flagstaff and work around school. I think it will work as I only have two days of class a week and there are employment possibilities that will work around school. Also after moving it will be easier for Sophia to function and find work and have a normal life outside the home. This is not going to happen overnight but I believe it needs to happen.
Wish us luck.


Melissa said...

Yes, but as everyone says, "it's a dry heat"! LOL Of course anything over 95 is miserably hot, dry or not.

Is it really that much cooler in Flagstaff? How much higher in elevation is it than Phoenix?

The humidity is the enemy here in Va. At just 85, you can be wringing wet with sweat, after only twenty minutes outside. Thank goodness for A/C!

Unknown said...

it's about a 3000ft difference from Phoenix and very comparable to Sophia's home state of Washington.

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