Friday, April 1, 2011

Watch Out For Quacks

It kind of ticks me off that there are doctors out there that treat TG-women and have no clue about what they’re doing. I keep hearing from girls about how their doctor is not giving them the proper dosages or the right types of medication. Hell I'm smart enough to remember from basic biology that Estrogen is not the only hormone needed for women's development and health. There are these doctors out there that not only not give HRT properly but scare their patients in thinking that they’re going to get cancer if they get the right stuff given to them. The funny thing is I hear more and more that these doctors are Endocrinologist and have no idea on how to address a transgender client.
 I think a well informed general practitioner can do circles around these quacks when it comes to this issue unless there are medical complications involved. I say not only research your transitional medications but also your doctor’s history with transgender clientele and how good their results are.
 I myself have a Doctor that is a NP or nurse practitioner and he has impressed me so much and probably the best doctor I've ever had. I would recommend him to anyone and feel comfortable with that referral. I would take my kids to him or any of my family, as he is very knowledgeable in medicine.
 So to say in part, do your research and your will find a great doctor for your needs and don't be afraid to research and ask that doctor questions, Hell there still learning too and it's our job to educate them too.   


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