Saturday, March 26, 2011

On the road again

What a great vacation it’s been the past almost two weeks and I can’t believe it’s almost over as we begin our journey home today. I have met along the way new friends and new future in-laws and enjoyed time with old friends as well. I have experienced a grand adventure as well, with grand weather and sights and sounds as well as great experiences good and bad. I was able to help Sophia face her family and also help her grandmother see her granddaughter for the first time in a new light and fill her with acceptance. I was happy to take part in the support of a true friend as she went through the greatest transformation of her life and rejoiced in the success of that milestone. I in turn have reached a grand milestone as well as I feel my love for Sophia growing as the days pass and our bond as a couple grows stronger. I can’t wait to return home and start a fresh start and hit the ground running and find a much needed job, as I have too many responsibilities to take on with the limited resources that I have. I am just enjoying my life so much and I hope to have a bit more fun before getting home and life.
So till next time as I live my life A life into Zoe


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