Friday, June 24, 2011


I hear so much about labels as of late, like the one of the umbrella label of Transgender vs. Transsexual or the removal of a label from another like removing the T from LGBT. I admit labels help one define oneself in a nut shell, I have a label for myself in how I describe myself and that label is ever evolving. I no longer constantly carry around the banner of being transgender or transsexual but more and more just the label of woman. I have a new label I carry and I’m proud of it as I can in acceptance of it and that is that I’m a gay woman and I can verify that this is not a default title due to my transition but as something I’ve always felt. I have always felt attracted to women from a woman’s perspective and never really was attracted in the aspect as a man. I also am a mother; I helped bring two wonderful lives into this world as a paternal figure and now they have many mothers and grandmothers and soon to be stepmother as well. I’m soon to take on another amazing amount of labels and that is the title of; Wife and Partner to go with beloved. So in a close labels can be something that is much like a tool and be used for good or just be misused. I think I really like the labels I’ve placed upon myself and I truly am excited to be constantly redefining them as well.
So back to My Life my Life as Zoe <3 <3


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