Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't Tread on Me!!!!

So to my critics out there I have a few words for you, I am in a financial hardship right now and face tough money decisions everyday. I face eviction and repossession every month and I live on a fixed income. I have been unemployed for over 10 months now and the job market is very slim. I have medical expenses that I have ignored and gone with out my prescriptions for long periods of time.
 I left a job over two years ago due to a fact that I knew that there would be issues with me being transgender and I went in search of one that would be more accepting. My first attempt at such a job fell through due to failing the final test for licensing but then I obtained a job quickly to just get myself on my feet but the pay was substandard and was barely paying the bills and that job ended when I started school.
 I have been through allot and to tell me that I'm a deadbeat due to not helping with my children financially is cruel. I hurt everyday that I do not see them and I wish I could help and it breaks my heart too. My sons are well cared for, there mother has a good job and she lives with her grandmother who also helps with their care.
 I have put myself forward and I am not running away, I'm not a deadbeat parent, I'm a dead-broke one. I am going to school to better myself and to make the income needed to support myself and my family. I am a better woman due to who I am and I will never turn back become what I once was. So I say to my critics your either with me or against me and if your against me god help you. like the old saying go's "Don't tread on me!!!" and let me live my life.


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