Monday, August 15, 2011

People are Strange

this is something that always bugs me about when someone transitions genders and that they have a spouse or SO. I've seen this trend in other issues but not as much as this issue. Being a transsexual is a medical condition of the mind not matching the body and so must be treated to keep the individual healthy. I've seen marriages go through battles with cancer and other debilitating medical conditions and most spouses tough it out and support each other even in cases of mental disorders and life changing conditions.
 But when a spouse is diagnosed with gender disphoria most spouses get angry, pack there bags and leave their loved one devastated and heartbroken and in a time that they needed that person that left the most.
 I stuck it out with my ex when she was dealing with epstein barr and postpartum depression that more or less debilitated her and made it next to impossible for her to have a normal life when she was inflicted with it and I was concerned and caring for her needs and tried my best to help her. But when it was my turn and I was diagnosed with GID she move out with the kids in tow leaving me in the dust saying that I lied to her and that she did not know who I was anymore. I know it was not due to her orientation as she has no issue with women or men, although her family was not in the know about it.
 I just don't get people and why they do the things they do, I get why my ex left and that's between me and her but still it did not need to happen the way it did. I feel for those that are in this situation and that I hope that it will stop being a trend one day. but remember we're not the only ones that it happens too, remember Armstrong left Sheryl Crow after her diagnosis of breast cancer and after she helped him through his cancer. So yeah some people are just selfish about stuff like this.
So I leave you all in deep thought and with my love.


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