Monday, February 20, 2012

The Bigger "Plan"

 I posted recently on my “Plan” and in that plan was about my plans for transition and to be honest that’s just a stepping stone in my life. I have a much bigger plan in mind for my life.
  I started this plan over a year ago when I decided to return to school and change the course of my career and began to study aesthetics and spa technologies. I also in that time frame became engaged to a wonderful woman who I am madly in love with and I still wonder how deep that love is as it never seems to stop growing <3 . Another thing that happened was my divorce and the battle for custody of my children who are my sunshine and my hope in this world.
 Now many of those things are coming to fruit and I’m planning for my future with my true love and setting goals and plans in place. I am now planning a wonderful wedding for the spring of next year, I found a picture of the wedding dress I want made and am planning a community style event that will make this day so wonderful. Sophia has a idea of her dress and as soon as we can afford it will start working towards making this wedding a reality.
 I’m also graduating from school and soon with have my license to practice my craft. This is a key part of all my plans and I hope to find good work as soon as possible. We’re also planning on moving soon as well to a much nicer place so that it will be our place and also have room for my two boys to stay when they visit. Also in the long run there is also a plan to move to a new city so I and my beloved can have a fresh start and in a climate that agrees with Sophia because of her chronic intolerance for heat.
 This brings me to family goals, as me and Sophia want a family. I am working very hard with my ex-wife and with my lawyers to gain more rights to my children and in time I hope I will be able to have a equal share in their lives and that a good portion of their time in living with me and Sophia as I want them to continue to be in me and Sophia’s lives as parental figures. Sophia and I are also talking about a family of our own too and have discussed a few options as to how that will be, either adoption or a surrogate and raising our own baby together. I truly want a little girl and to be her mother and make Sophia a mother as well. I want to build a home for my family on a nice piece of land away from the lights of the city and teach my children the wonders of Mother Nature, as I did when I was little.
 This is my Big Plan for my life and becoming the true me is only a small part of it. This is my life and who I am, a mother, a wife, a businesswoman, a lover, and happy.
Till next time as I live my life, a Life as Zoe


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