Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Exodus From Phoenix

So I've decided that we are in need of a new home in the ASAP future. So as soon as I can get ourselves together with either a temp job in phoenix then a perm in the north or a commuter job in the north we are getting the hell out of Phoenix AZ and into the pines of Arizona preferably Flagstaff. I want to be having a white Yule this year or die in the attempt.
 I fear every day that Sophia will have to go outside for something and something happens and she won’t come home because of the heat and her health and I myself have had too many close calls in the heat and my heat index has been greatly affected and I get overheated easily myself.
 I know that my children live in town and that I will have to work on a way to see them often and be commuting to see them but I really don’t care about the drive when it comes to my kids.
We have also decided to put the wedding off once again so that the move will be more possible and that the Wedding won’t be in the middle of summer and instead be in the fall. I also know that the wedding will be somewhere close to Flagstaff and using local venders for our needs so putting the wedding off will give us time to find such people and businesses.
I just can’t take this anymore, the heat is getting worse every year and I just need to pack up my family and GTFO of the problem and start our new life in our new home town.


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