Friday, October 8, 2010

A New Creation of Inspiration.

To my Trans-Sisters and Trans-Brothers
 I am thinking about creating a comprehensive non-political web site for the trans-community of Arizona and make it a publicly legitimate site that can be a one stop resource for all things transgender in Arizona. I have very little knowledge on how to do this but I want to create something that will give info on Businesses, Doctors, Groups, Therapist, Organizations, Social Gatherings, Community Newsletters, and many more things. The concept is to be a resource for the community to use and reference and remain impartial in the political theater. I know there are other web sites out there but none seem complete and up to day and seem to focus on a smaller scope, and are there for the use of the organizations founding concepts I.E. helping people in the community in need of assistance and support. I am all about that too but in my struggle with my own transition I could never find one place I could go to and get all the local info I needed. I want to create a website that is separate from the organizations and to be supportive but impartial to their needs as well. 

 I want to create a place with doctor reviews and there board information, I would create a list of General Practitioners, Therapist, and Specialist Doctors, that are more than happy to serve the community and a list of doctors that you may want to avoid due to their views, practices and poor customer reviews. I want to create a place where you can get all the info you need to find on anything in Arizona and beyond. I want something like TS Roadmap but for the Arizona community. I also want this to be too big for this one girl to run. I want this to be the AZCentral for the Transgender Community. I want editorials and writings from people in the community and have a news letter. I know the political will occur but I want the site itself to remain impartial and non-politically driven. I would be more than happy to reference others for political involvement in the community as I do believe it’s necessary for people to be involved in their community and to help it grow.

 This you may say in the end is will wind up being a community project and I would love to get it going but I have no clue on where to start or have the resources to maintain it. But I want it and it will happen, I once declared myself at the beginning of my journey that I am a “Beacon of Leadership and Creativity” and that’s who I am. I want to inspire leadership and creativity in others around me and to create the light in the darkness of ignorance and false information. I so hope someone reading this can light a torch and stand with me and help get this off the ground. I hope I inspire others to do the same for their own communities if Arizona is not where they call home. The growth of the Transgender and LGBT communities is in our hands and how the rest of the public perceive the positive and the negative about it.

 I will be there for my brothers and sisters in the LGBT community, I love you all.


Anonymous said...

ty zoe...for your blog, brought tears to my eyes knowing im not alone.

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