Saturday, March 12, 2011

Adventures in Transgender

I just have to say life is just a big ball of WOW right now and I just can’t help to just get some of this energy out there. In a few days Jerica a dear friend of Sophia and I go’s into surgery and confirms her true gender and corrects the discrepancy of physical gender to match the female soul that is within her and my heart goes out to her and wish her a safe and successful journey.
 I have to think now about my own life as well and how WOW it’s been the last few weeks and months and I can’t believe how far I’ve come and what I have got going. As most of you have heard I started living full time as my true female self this last January and that I have become a engaged woman to my love Sophia. I also started this month off by officially changing my legal identity to the name Zoe Abigail Tipsword and also in the eyes of the government I am a woman. So as of Feb. 21rst 2011 Zach C. Tipsword ceased to exist and I was reborn as Zoe.

 I have realized also that I feel 100% secure in my skin now and I feel comfortable in the outside world and I feel that I pass well as a woman be it a rather heavyset woman, but what woman my size doesn’t worry about their weight. I’m still getting use to being treated as a member of the fairer sex, be it a man opening a door for me or the lady at the checkout calling me miss, maim, or Ms. Tipsword. It just takes a bit of getting use to, and I do love it.
I look forward to my next transitional milestones as I figure out a plan on how to obtain them I plan on having breast augmentation sometime in the spring of next year just in time for my wedding dress fitting. But the biggest milestone I’m working on is me health and weight and I have set the bar to reaching a size 16 as my dress size for my wedding so I have a lot of work ahead.

 Now you may think well what about Gender Surgery as I mentioned about my friend Jerica’s surgery just before, well honestly it’s low on my list for now. Gender Confirmation Surgery is very expensive and time consuming and honestly I have very little of both for the next few years as I have big plans for my life. As someone once put it work on what people see and save up for what only you see, so I have it on my list but it’s low on that list. I do say I am blessed though as my mom agreed to accompany me on my trip to Thailand and be my support while I’m recovering there as I decided that Sophia would be better off staying home as she doesn’t do well in tropical temperatures. But like I said its a few years off and I have bigger fish to fry.
My next adventure that is coming is a road trip to Washington and meeting Sophia’s family and all her sisters-in-love as they truly are her family and not the evil people that rejected her at her most vulnerable time in her life and turned their backs on her. I look forward to seeing Jerica in the recovery ward as she is recovering and preparing for her own homecoming. I also look forward to seeing all Sophia’s friend that I only have heard about and also hopefully meeting her true mother and father (her grandparents) as I know it means so much to her for them to meet me. I just hope they don’t hurt her and cause her pain as they are trying but are having trouble understanding the situation that is mine and Sophia’s life.
Upon our return we begin a new chapter of our lives as we move into our first apartment together as Sophia has been living with me in an apartment not of her choosing and not suited for two people to live in. I will sign my first lease as Zoe and as an engaged woman with my love Sophia. I will be also digging deeper into the job market and with a little help and luck find a job in the spa industry as front desk help or something that won’t require a license.
As I become more and more use to my new happiness, I find that happy is a very busy life and I’m loving my new life.

Till next time as I live my life, a life into Zoe


Kara Tucker said...

Glad to hear how things are going so well for you right now.
Have a great trip with positive memories to take home.
You and Sophia are two of the cool people I'm glad to have met at a particular corner of that series of tubes known as the Internet.

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