Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My BirthDay. Saturday, February 6, 2010 at 11:28pm

Hello and Thank You for all your Birthday wishes.
Today was my last birthday as ME 1.0 due to a need of an upgrade, the next birthday ME version 1.5 will be attending. ^_^
Anyhow I had a great day as I spent the day with my Mom and she treated me to a day at the Gourd Art Festival. Now you may say "GOURD?!?!? WTF" Well I am here to tell you that the oldest atr medium is alive and well and OMG what the talented artist can do. There is every aspect from every other kind of art out there put into gourd art and it will blow your mind, so if you ever want to spend a day at a great art festival try this one in Casa Grande next year in Febuary.
I had good food at the fair and wow never had a hickory smoked loaded potato b4 but it was yummy. I swear I walked walked till my feet hurt then I walked some more. Then after I came home went shopping at Ikea and got a bed and stuff for my bedroom with my tax money and birthday money and walked some more lol. ^_^ My feet are killing me!
This was the first time I have seen my Mom since coming out to her and my step-dad. Well she did ask about how my therapy is going and she noticed my hair was getting longer and since she has not seen it so long before she thought I colored it LOL. But the conversation was on the edge of the topic and it was enough to make clear she was not ready to talk about it. But she knows that things are better than they have ever been in my life before and that makes her happy and happy for me.
I would like to say this was a very long day as I had just put the things I brought home from Ikea together with "LOTS of ASSEMBLY REQUIRED" and my bed will be delivered tomorrow and more crap to put together lol.
I am pooped and am very happy goodnight everyone.....Zoe


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