Wednesday, April 7, 2010

As the World Turns these are the Days of My Life

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Well the world keeps turning and so dose my transition, it seems that my coming out to my immediate world may be accelerated along with another great leap in my personal development. I the past few months as I said before that have made a connection in someone in Seattle and that I was looking to move there if I could not find work, well I found work as you all know.
Well this someone is a great girl that I have become close to and call her a great friend. Well she is looking for a fresh start and considering coming down here to visit and if she like it here she may stay. I hope she dose stay and she wants to live as my roomie. The big change for me is that I need to work on being out about who I am and coming out to my family soon, because the next thing is that we are considering is dating and my family dose not know where I stand there either. Before all that has happened I had not thought about dating for a long time from now but as we all know about life never make any assumptions and be ready for anything.
This is going to start to happen in around this summer so I have time plus I will be more of my true self lol. I feel good about this and I know it's a giant leap but even a poor girl like me deserves a bit of happiness.

Till next time, Zoe


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