Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Job

Well my first day at my new job went well. I also have been delitly surprised how forwardly open my company is toward the LGBT community as we went over the heath and life plan the first thing I see is a form for spouse or domestic partner. I also have a good feeling about them when it come to transgender employees.
Well as for my new job I'm working for Stream Global Solutions a customer service contractor for major companies and brands. I will be working doing customer service for ATT account retention. so if your ATT phone is on the fritz or you hate your account I'm the one you speak too....LOL.
Also FYI there still hiring if you know of anyone that needs a job. I am also happy to say that I think if it works out this job coould turn into somthing long term too.
Well see you all later.....Zoe


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