Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family Ties

Hello everyone just a quick blog today but I think I should blog more so here I am. Well the past week has been a whirlwind of a time, as Sophia and I get settled into our apartment and really realizing that we need a bigger place and one that needs less repairs LOL. also was getting ready for my boys to come over and getting the place cleaned up and organised and thanks to Sophia's help was able to get that done before the boys got there on last Sunday night. There visit went well and my mother came up this Monday too to see them and to meet Sophia.
I love my mom so much and that her acceptance of me and who I am is so wonderful, she gave me the biggest compliment I could ever get. She told me I make a better woman than a guy and that I really look good as my true self. My mom truly even accepts me as her daughter as well and that brings me to joyful tears :-) .
I have been so accepted by my family and it's like they can't wait to meet Zoe in the flesh. Now I have a family that I never had before as before I was very distant with my brothers and sisters and did not rely include them in my life and now it's like I'm reborn and they want there little sister to come and join them and to remove the shell she's been hiding in. I've been asked about when I'm doing surgery by them and when I'm going full time and even about my dreams and goals in this brand new life. I so happy and very overwhelmed by the outward acceptance, I feared that me coming out as gay and transgender to family would distance me from them but instead it has brought me closer to them. Next week will be a family party at my sisters house and it seems to be winding up to also be a coming out party too and a welcome party to Sophia, even though it's originally a retirement party for my sister.
Family is so important to anyone and I just cant grasp how people can disown someone for being themselves. But the LGBT community is full of horror stories of close and unbreakable families suddenly abandons there family member because there gay, transgender or both. The thing that makes me upset is that many of these families are very devoted christian families, and in the name of Christ they do these things when it's the most un-Christ like thing they can do. Christ no matter if you believe in his divinity or not was a great man in his time and as a man was on a level higher than Gandhi, MLK and many others, and taught peace and acceptance to all mankind. Christs two laws explain it all "love one another as I have loved you" and "Love thy neighbor as you would love thyself" , this dose not sound like a man who would condemn us for who we are.
So tell them asses out there that it's a hypocrite to hide behind God and Christ and say being part of the LGBT community is a sin because Christ himself would of accepted us for the children of heaven that we all are.
So in closing I leave you in thought of who you are out there and remember your friends and families and forgive them if they reject you and be sad for there loss and rejoice for who you are and be happy with the family that is around you and accepts you. Be it a circle of close friends or the brave family member that came to your need besides the rejection of others, or even the family that accepts your absolutely with out question. As a smart person I know said: "Family is Family" and love them no matter what.

Till I see you again I journey still in a Life into Zoe.


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