Friday, January 18, 2013

Living Retro

 Living a Retro Lifestyle is not just about being fascinated by making classic 30-60’s fashion modern and fresh but also about making life a bit simpler like people lived in the golden age of this country. I’m talking about making your money work for you and not living in a disposable world. Growing food in a garden and canning your own jam. Buying things that you need doesn’t mean it needs to be new, hell most of the best stuff made in the country was made over 30 years ago and most of the stuff is still ticking. Living Retro is going back to old school family values but also being a fringe lifestyle it’s about being accepting and respectful to your neighbor no matter whom they are.
I see too much waste in this world and I cannot condone it anymore nor can I live a disposable life because to be honest I’m sick of tossing my money away on expensive things that either wear out fast or are obsolete in just a few months to a few years. My goals are to buy a car that was made to last and will never go out of style, buy less off the rack and recycle more, shop for things that work great or just need a bit of fixing, and over all just live more simple. I have big expenses in my life so I need to change how I do things and well this is a life I grew up on and well I fought it for years, it’s a moment when you know who you are and say “well mom and dad was right”
It’s true I love the style, clothing and punk attitude I see in this lifestyle and being a lesbian just makes it even more fun.  I’m just a woman that’s into old fashion living and common sense.
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My life as Zoe. 


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