Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Cost Of Gender

 In this world of complicated procedures and advanced healthcare you would think that something as simple as treating someone with a birth defect would be not that complicated, but in my case it’s not. Even though GID is a recognized and treated condition most insurance companies and doctors refuse to cover the cost of this costly lifelong condition that if not treated will cause severe depression and even death by suicide.
GID is treated by first diagnosis by a licensed Therapist by rigorous testing and counseling. Once the person is diagnosed they are referred to a medical doctor for further testing and treatment while continuing counseling and supervision of their therapist. The individual will start treatment with cross gender hormones and hormone blocker to develop secondary gender characteristics of their brain gender and to reverse characteristics of their physical gender. These treatments are for life and are very costly and “may” be covered by insurance. Once the treatment begins it’s also irreversible and once the person reaches a point of physical confidence they begin to live as their brain gender demands.

 After a year of treatment and living as their brain sex the individual is approved for surgery to correct the body’s primary sexual characteristics to that of their brains gender. Also the individual may seek to enhance their secondary sexual characteristics due to poor hormone therapy results. All of these surgeries are deemed medically necessary by medical community. Unfortunately these procedures are not recognized by most insurance providers and are deemed cosmetic.

 Thus is my dilemma, I have this condition and have no way of paying for surgery. The cost of GRS (gender reconstructive surgery) is in the 10’s of 1000’s of dollars and is not covered by insurance. I need these surgeries to have a normal and fulfilling life. I was born with a female brain and a male body and I cannot correct my brain so I’m left with no option but to correct my body. This affects every aspect of my life and causes me great suffering because I’m not able to complete my treatment. I really hope that I can find the help I need.
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