Saturday, February 9, 2013

Still Missing You & Happy Birthday

“Paper will just will just lie there and anyone can write anything they want on it, but it doesn’t make it true no matter who puts it there.”
-Gerald Lee Tipsword
So last Thursday was a day that I celebrate in silence, the 7th of February is my fathers birthday and I miss him dearly. He taught me so much about the world. My dad taught me about simple values, honest truths and a love for nature. My dad was a good man with his own faults and completely human with the good and the bad. My father live a long and productive life raising me, my four brothers and three sisters. He went through two divorces and was widowed once. I honestly can't think of a stronger man than my father. When in the fall of 2006 the angels took him into the next life a unfillable hole was left in my life and the wisdom of a era was lost. 
Dad I love you and I miss you
Happy Birthday


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