Saturday, February 23, 2013

Still missing you

So as of today it's been two months since I've seen my boys. The last visit I've been allowed to have was Dec 23 2012. Every time since then I've been given excuses in one way or another in why I can't see them some legitimate and some downright selfish. I barely get to seem them as it is and my time with them is so restricted to a point that it's heartbreaking. 
Why on earth is it required that this bullshit must continue and the I must have supervision to be with my kids? I'm not a threat to them at all! I never hit them, I never abused them in any shape or form, I'm not a violent criminal or a felon of any kind. Yet I'm accused of being a threat to my kids. There is nothing wrong with me that says I cannot care for my boys nor that I need someone to watch me to make sure 
I do so, this sucks!!! I just want to see my boys smiling faces again, I miss them so bad and I feel my heart break the longer we don't see each other. :( (SOBS)


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