Saturday, February 6, 2010


I would like to ask, Can you help me in my Life into Zoe? I’ve wanted GCS (Gender Confirmation Surgery) since the beginning of this journey, and with surgery my journey would be complete and I would feel truly whole and complete in my own skin. Gender Confirmation Surgery is not covered under medical insurance in most states and if it is covered there are next to no specialist that takes medical coverage. As for a male to female transgender surgery can cost up to and over $30,000 and I don’t think I can reach this goal on my own. Donate as much or as little as you want. Every bit counts and it would mean so much to me. If you can’t donate, I understand, But I thankyou none the less.
I also promise to continue to blog about my journey in its many changes that it includes including GCS and any other transformative surgeries. I hope you all would like to read about it, and you can help make it happen!
My Goal is $30,000