Sunday, February 20, 2011

Born This Way

It’s been awhile since my last real blog but I thought I would spend some time to update everyone on my journey and the world around me.
 This last January I celebrated my first year on female hormones that began my journey and I have to admit I’m very pleased so for with the results and what it meant to me to be on them, I won’t get into details but I’m defiantly getting more and more a female form as the days go by.  I’m enjoying my transformation so much and in so came to a point that I discovered that I could not continue living both as a man and as a woman, so in the second week of January I went full time.
 I went full time in the most amazing week of my life it started with a fluke of a fanatical situation that lead to having the funds for my needs for the week if not the month.  But the week began with a trip to the laser center and an impromptu shopping spree with my sister-in-law to the dress barn and came out with a slew of outfits and got my mind spinning on the subject of going full time and that I felt it was time. The next day I had a eye appointment and ordered women’s glasses and then was invited to a spa day with my sister-in-law and had my nails, toes, and hair done and when I came out from the spa I was full time me.
 I have been living full time as a woman for over a month now and I can’t believe how life has changed for me and how I feel about myself. I don’t even identify with my old name anymore and have to take a moment to remember that, I plan on changing my name soon as I just got my tax return and I can afford the fees. At school everyone is great and not just accepting but treat me like the mask I was wearing never existed. I was a little frazzled as I adjusted to my new full time life and it did affect my school work a little bit as I was a bit of a space case but I’m getting over it. I‘ve just gotten my nails redone for the third time since that first time and I’m refining my look and discovering what works on me and what doesn’t ^_^ but it’s a learning thing.
 I feel normal and happy and life is working out for the better, the month of February has been full of ups and down and ups again, being having a great birthday or getting sick for two weeks.  I received a birthday card this month from my mother and it was a card addressed to me as her daughter and was full of well wishes and support and one of the great things that happened this month was that I and Sophia have announced that we are engaged and are going to have a ceremony in September of 2012 and it’s going to be great.  
 I feel that I was meant to go through all this trial and strife and that I am just starting to reap the rewards of the new path I’ve have taken. I have grown so much and I’ve come a long way to get this far and I can say I am happy and I am proud of who I am, I was born transgender and I accept and embrace it.
Till next time as I live my life, a life as Zoe


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