Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life into Zoe and Sophia

Hello everyone,
Just felt the need to update everyone on what’s going on in my life and the people and places in it. To start looks like after a long talk that the best option for the happy couple that is me and Sophia is to stay in phoenix and recuperate our finances and also so Sophia can further research into what medical field she wants to study and eventually work. So the plan in a loose sense of the idea is to hopefully move into a rental house in a few months and set up shop for “summer in hell 2012” and get our moneys and educations in order. One relief in not moving is that Sophia and I have grown into the LGBT community as mentors and have made lots of friends in the local community and I would really miss them once we eventually move to Flagstaff.
In speaking of our immediate future I have to talk about the past and the ends of a few things that will help open new doors, one of those things that is finally coming to an end is my marriage to Chanel at the end of this months and as of today I filed the final paperwork for court and now all I have to do is wait to see the judge to finally end this endless battle with my soon to be ex-wife and then I can see my kids again and be a mom again.
Another ending that is in the near future is my graduation from SWINA and passing the state board for my aesthetician license in November and finally getting a job in my new career and new found passion in the alternative health industry. Although for now a job with Rainbow Cab will keep us a float till then.
What’s in our future well who knows? As things are always changing and in flux,  I have a wedding to plan and a new life to map out with the love of my life and a life into Zoe is a very rich one.


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