Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Zoe’s Return Part 1.

Well everyone I guess I have been a bit missing for the past few months and to be honest it’s for a few good reasons as life has been a torrent of experiences and I’ve been really really busy as of late.  Let’s start in order from when I went missing to now and go from there.
First off last we all heard from me was about a few months ago with me preparing for my divorce court appearance and custody hearing. Well to get up to speed it went very well and I await the judge’s decision but I think the outcome will be good and fare for all parties involved. The court date was uneventful I wore a business casual skirt, blouse and low heals and had my professional look to the T and I think that was a very surprising thing to everyone. The court recorder mistook me as my soon to be ex-wife and I had to explain to them about everything and found out that the evidence I submitted was missing but luckily I had a copy and resubmitted it. The hearing was quite short and only took a half an hour with me being very professional and stating the facts about my desires to have my children back in my life and what my plans were so that life would be a positive one for my children and that my plans for moving out of town were now over and that my only desire was to raise my boys on a 50/50 living agreement and custody.
 My ex-wife’s goals seemed only to be out to once again to get her way and power over me and gave a tearful pouting reply to everything the judge asked her and it seemed to me that she was not very prepared to be in court at all and her only request was to have full complete custody of the boys or that I have supervised visits to ensure their well cared for in my hands and made a big to do about me being transgender.
 Well in the state of Arizona first off a judge has no interest in issues of gender and that only the best interest of the child is their main concern and that means that both parents should remain in their lives and have full participation unless one parent is a physical danger to the child. The judge like all the other court officials before him re-explained this to my ex-wife and I think it fell once again on deaf ears. I feel that the judge will rule mostly in my favor as my request were fare and impartial.
My only fear is that in the end that my ex-wife will not co-operate in helping the boys understand about my transition and how they will incorporate that in their daily lives. My ex-wife still calls me by my old name and refers to me in male pro-nouns and reinstills this in my boys and that will only cause more confusion in the end. I want to start working on the boys at the advice of my therapist to start their assimilation into accepting that they have two mothers now and soon to have a new step-mother. I don’t even refer to myself that I’m their father but as a mother to them and I’ve always felt that way. I just hope to get started soon to repair the damage that has already been done.
Well that’s the end of this chapter and I will let everyone breathe a little before the next installment of my updates
Till next time


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