Monday, June 3, 2013

Call Of The Wild

Hello everyone,
  As many of you know Sophia and I are leaving Arizona hopefully sometime this fall, hopefully mid-November. Well as time passes and things seem to be falling into place I start to look into our future and how I want to spend the rest of my life with my beloved. We’ve been talking more and more about living in the natural setting of the back country of Washington and having a nice piece of land to call our own, preferably some form of old farmland or something similar.
  I really miss living in the country and detest living in the concrete jungles of cities. I grew up in Arizona rural small communities and I feel Mother Nature calling me back. A city is now place to raise kids now a days and I want my boys to at least have a little bit of country to come and visit and a place for our future adopted child to grow up in.
 I rather have a peaceful night on a porch (without 100*+ weather) and just enjoying nature than to honking of cars and the noise of people. We both have a strong love for wildlife and wild things and one of my most recent discoveries covers an old family tradition that will bring that wildlife to our future back yard, I’ve been researching natural swimming ponds/pools and I’m just in love with them and what they can do. I also love gardens and fruit trees and the ability to go on long walks with my beloved and not worry about being robbed or bothered and truly enjoy the open spaces.
  I can’t wait to move and start over, it’s time to move on and get a fresh start and truly live my life again as a country girl.
I hope you all can find a life worth living like the one that is finally happening, until next time as I live my life my life into Zoe.



Unknown said...

Well an update:
The move has been put off a few months so that we have more resources to work with, also I'll be able to have more time with Zachary and Ryan before the move.

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